Giving Ourselves, and Loved Ones the ‘Gift of Wellness’ this year!

We’ve curated some holiday wellness ideas to help you cultivate real gratitude this Thanksgiving.

If you’re anything like us, this Thanksgiving week can be a lot of things, to a lot of people–and can trigger a whirlwind of emotions and memories that can either leave us ready to hang the lights, and decorate gingerbread cookies with family or dear friends, or wanting to crawl into our nearest pair of jeggings until New Year’s, hoping to evade the potential rollercoaster of stress, gifting, reminders of family tensions, or the loss of loved ones that so many endure the silent suffering of during the holidays. Turkey week can be the gateway holiday event that catapults us straight into the Black Friday craze, and the Christmas countdown, that can put even the most organized, and composed of us to the absolute test! Staying grounded and peaceful, much less thankful, through everything can be a miracle in itself for so many reasons!

One thing that has kept me feeling focused, and thankful despite the many trials, and extra obstacles that 2020 has presented to all of us this year in a variety of ways, is learning to embrace my new limits. From quarantine to finances, to emotional and physical health, we all have different limits, and this year has added some new ones to navigate through the holidays. Instead of trying to fight all of our limits, or stretch them to their breaking point (i.e. quarantine rules, and/or gift shopping on a budget) accepting them with a measure of grace, and dare I say ‘gratitude’ can help to shift our perspective, and priorities this time of year.

In fact, rearranging our priorities can be one of the most beneficial choices we can make regarding the way we interact with the next few weeks, for our hearts, minds, and health! The physical and mental benefits of creating our holiday experience around our priorities, instead of letting the holidays dictate, or impose themselves into our life parameters can both boost your mood, and lower your cortisol levels, almost instantly!

So when that stress or worry starts to creep in, try this… Make a list of your top priorities for you and your family for this holiday season, and then make your plans around those priorities, not the other way around!! Then stick to it! That can be the hardest part, but it’s also so freeing, and can help relieve a LOT of unnecessary pressures from your turkey plate, from now, all the way into 2021!

Here is an example of a few core values to protect your wellness, and your loved ones, while still getting into the holiday spirit in ways that benefit everyone:

1. Staying healthy (for whatever reason – Covid-19 or just wanting to feel your absolute best year-round, it’s 100% okay to make your health a priority this year and every year!)
2. Staying hopeful – and maybe staying home if needed. Your heart matters too! Choosing to be around the people who build you up, and are life-giving, instead of tearing or wearing you down! Saying ‘NO’ if you need, to a holiday party you don’t want to go to, or a family event that may be too upsetting right now.
3. Simplify! Give the gift of wellness and check off some multi-tasking given the year we’ve all had! (I am an avid gift giver and can get myself into trouble wanting to find that special, creative thing for everyone on my list! Let yourself off the hook and choose something that both helps your loved ones’ personal wellness this year, your health by not over-extending, and your wallet come 2021! 3 in 1 bonus!

For example, I’m always on the hunt for the best new wellness and skincare products, and I stumbled on these new lip balms, infused with gold and silver alloy nano-particles, um… so brilliant, unique, thoughtful, and won’t break the bank! Who doesn’t need an antiviral, antimicrobial protective, and flavorful lip balm on hand these days? They are paired with coconut oil and SPF support, and none of the bad stuff, to help keep you healthy, hydrated, and mistletoe kissable all winter long!

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