We all have experiences in our past that were unpleasant or difficult. These unfortunate events influence us and form us over the years, some in subtle ways, others in more significant measures. When we take time to observe, grieve, and forgive those that hurt us, we are able to step beyond the hurt and become overcomers. We learn from the experiences we have encountered and can choose to respond to circumstances in our future from a place of wholeness. 

This response can be scary and seem insurmountable.  It is difficult to look at, feel, and release our pain.  Many of us choose to react to the pain; we may pull away from places that remind us of the hurt or proactively lash out in order to keep ourselves from being hurt again. Sometimes we just vow to “never do that again”, or “I will never be like that person who hurt us”.   These commitments may intend to protect us, or the people we love, and may be effective, but they do so at a cost.  In an effort to avoid the places of hurt, we are ever reminded and motivated by the pain.  It continues to hurt us- as we hang on to our offense, the pain holds on to us. 

What if we moved forward without the pain and trauma? What if we could become free from its grasp? What if we didn’t have to live with part of us hidden away? What if we could live whole?

– Jason Hodgson, MAC, LPCC

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