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Suicide Prevention

We provide services and assessment for those exhibiting suicidal behavior

If you are having Suicidal Thoughts Call: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish.

Click to Call: 800-273-8255

Are You Or Somebody You Know Struggling With Suicidal Thoughts?
Do You Have Questions About Suicide Prevention But You Are Not Sure Whom To Ask?
Is The Depression Getting Worse And You Feel You Might Give Up Fighting It?
If you said yes to any of those questions, please know that you and your loved ones are not alone. Help is just a click away!

Suicide Awareness: Help is Waiting for you!

Many people afflicted with mental health issues develop suicidal tendencies – many times without deliberation or intent. Many people have no mental health diagnosis and still develop suicidal thoughts when they are going through a particularly tough time in life. 

Without talking to somebody with the right qualifications to help, this idea can take hold of the mind and grow. 

This is one of the reasons why we lose over 800,000 precious lives to suicides around the world every year.

The silver lining is suicide can be prevented. If you or a loved one have been thinking about suicide lately, get timely professional help so you can protect precious life and find your way through what looks like a dead-end right now. 

At Dunamis Wellness, our qualified suicide awareness and prevention counselors are ready to lend an ear and guide you with compassionate listening and professional help to a better tomorrow where you will feel better in your skin.

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    People at Higher Risk of Committing Suicide

    People of any age can commit suicide. However, extensive research has shown certain characteristics make a person more likely to attempt suicide and the problem is more prevalent in certain population segments. 

    Here’s what research tells us about people who are more likely to commit suicide:

    • War Veterans: People who have experienced the trauma of a battlefield decide to take their lives at a higher rate than regular civilians. The suicide rate among veterans is 1.5 times higher with 20 veterans on average committing suicide every day in the US. 
    • People Who Attempted Suicide Before: Those who have previously been prevented from taking their life are likely to try again, especially if their circumstances have not changed for the better since. While 1 in 10,000 individuals in the general public commits suicide, the rate steeps to over 10% among people who have attempted suicide in the past.
    • People Aged 45+: Adults over 45 years of age are also more likely to commit suicide. Because this group has the greatest number of people with undiagnosed mental health problems or individuals who have suffered tremendous grief and loss, they tend to look for an escape through suicide. 
    • Teenagers & Young Adults: Due mainly to a number of social limitations, high rate of alcohol and/or drug dependency, minority sexual orientation, and challenges of adulthood, more teens and young adults commit suicide than other population groups.
    • Native Americans: American Indian population has about a 20% higher suicide rate than other Americans. Among the teenagers in this population group, girls aged 15 to 19 commit suicide 3 times as often as their Caucasian peers.

    Identify Potential Suicides with These Warning Signs

    If you are worried somebody you know might attempt suicide, look for the following warning signs. These behaviors are telling signs a person is hiding severe depression and may be close to attempting suicide:

    • Demonstrating low self-esteem and expressing very low self-worth
    • Talking about how they think life is meaningless and has no purpose
    • Telling others they feel trapped and in a lot of pain
    • Drinking more and using drugs
    • Becoming reckless, excessively moody, and constantly anxious
    • Either sleep very little or too much

    There may be other behaviors that you might find concerning. When you observe any of these signs, talk to your friend and connect them with a professional suicide counselor near you.

    Call Us At (530) 338-0087

    Counseling & Help for at-risk Individuals at Dunamis Wellness Center

    Dunamis Wellness Center is a safe haven for people struggling with suicidal thoughts. If you have gone through extraordinary grief or had an experience that is making you question the reason to stay alive, our professional team can help you. We offer: