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LightStim Therapy

LightStim Therapy

LightStim® Therapy at Dunamis Wellness

We offer the famous LightStim® technology that is built as patented home-use devices that utilize therapeutic light to provide nourishment to the skin. We showcase LightStim® for acne, wrinkles, and pain relief, offering a refreshed, youthful look for your skin. Call today to get yours.

Lightstim® Therapy

Light energy plays a vital role in the nourishment and rejuvenation of the skin. However, most people do not spend a healthy amount of time in the sun, which shows in the growing wrinkles, lines, and other signs of aging skin. 

LightStim® has developed its vast product line for people who spend most of their time indoors and cannot give their skin the natural nourishment of daylight for long stretches every day. With LightStim’s patented designs, you can easily give your skin the therapeutic light it requires to stay healthy and wrinkle-free without leaving the comfort of your home.

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    Benefits of Lightstim® Technology

    LightStim® therapy works on simplified principles merged into easy-to-use designs that allow users like you to conveniently set up and use the devices. What makes LightStim® technology so appealing is the multi-purpose design. LightStim® devices use the company’s patented Multi-Wavelengths technology to soak your skin with the nourishment it needs. This technology’s benefits include:

    • Non-surgical skin treatment
    • Acne removal and breakout prevention
    • Faster surgical recovery
    • Skin smoothening and firmness
    • Wrinkles and lines removal
    • Inflammation minimization
    • Accelerated healing
    • Pain treatment
    • Circulation improvement
    • Zero side effects

    Can I be a Lightstim® Candidate?

    It is quite easy to qualify for LightStim® therapy. If you want non-surgical skin treatments for problems related to facial skin, you should begin using LightStim® products after taking the advice of your dermatologist.

    LightStim® is committed to delivering high quality products that continue to offer top-north nourishment for your facial skin. Even if you recently went through a surgery, you can use LightStim® therapy without a worry.

    Note that LightStim® technology works equally well for all skin types and color. 

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    Lightstim® Self-therapy

    One of the best things about using LightStim® technology is that you can stay in your favorite chair and get the treatment. You also do not need help from a specialist to operate these devices.

    You can use the following steps to effectively use the LightStim® products for skin therapy.

    1. Put the device over the target area and turn it on. If you are aiming to remove wrinkles, lines, or acne from your skin, keep the device on the target area for 3 minutes. However, if your goal is to get pain relief, you can keep the device anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your specific need.
    2. Move on to the next target area and repeat the process.

    Achieving Great Results with Lightstim® Therapy

    The Multi-Wavelengths LightStim® technology ensures your skin health improves with every minute of use. Using a broad spectrum of color wavelengths, your LightStim® device will reinvigorate skin cells and trigger health recovery and pain relief.

    When you choose to use LightStim® therapy, you are choosing cutting-edge technology that’s not heavy on the purse. Your skin gets progressive relief from signs of aging and looks healthier, smoother, younger, and refreshed.

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