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9 Dimensions of Wellness

At Dunamis Wellness, our goal is to create a healthier, more holistic way of life for clients by promoting, educating, and providing services related to the nine dimensions of wellness. Physical wellness The physically well person gets an adequate amount... Read More

Dunamis Blog – Neurofeedback and Anxiety

by Jill Shepherd Piercy Clark, LMFT We are training our staff in trauma treatment modalities such as EMDR and brain spotting.  It is the way we combine treatment with our Neurofeedback practice which has the most impact in helping clients... Read More

Dunamis Blog – Imago Therapy

Imago therapy is a specific style of relationship therapy designed to help conflicts within relationships become opportunities for healing and growth. The premise is that attraction to our partners stems from   unresolved and unmet needs in our early development.  The... Read More

Dunamis Blog-Jason Hodgson

Why Attachment Matters By Jason Hodgson, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, Trust-Based Relational Intervention Practitioner At Dunamis Center               We long for relationship, acceptance, and validation from others. Humans have lived in the context of... Read More