Yuli is a current Master’s in Social Work intern with Dunamis Wellness as of September 2022. Dunamis Wellness provides a range of available services that align with her personal values, especially the emphasis of self-care and promotion of individual strengths. She is ready and willing to learn how to support specific needs and goals of individuals benefiting from support. 

She is currently working toward her MSW through California State University, Chico, and she spent 9 years serving individuals with developmental disabilities before seeking an internship with Dunamis. As an intern, she desires matching clients with appropriate resources and seeks to offer services based on individualized needs. She expects to increase her skills as an attentive listener for people desiring support with daily life, personal goals, relationships, family dynamics, hardships/traumas, loss, stressors, and/or substance use troubles. 

Yuli has her own life experiences with the categories listed above, including living abroad in Europe and assimilating to cultures other than the one she was raised with. She is steadfast in her belief of equal opportunity for all, plus she values social justice and care for all living beings. She plans to support clients (per their comfort level) through their journey with Dunamis Wellness services.