I obtained my B.A. in Psychology at SUNY Potsdam, an M.A. in Clinical Psychology, with a
Child/Adolescent Specialization from J.F.K. University, in Orinda, CA. (1987), and obtained
LMFT licensure July 1992.

My work experience started in 1987 at ThunderRoad Adolescent TX Center in Oakland, CA.
Between 1990 – 2021 I have worked in both Glenn and Butte County Behavioral Health
services as a clinician, supervisor, and manager, with experience in both Crisis Stabilization and
Inpatient Psychiatric Services, Out-patient Adult and Alcohol and Drug Services, while teaching
as Adjunct Instructor at Butte College in the Addiction Studies Program from 1996 to 2011.

I have a curious mind with spiritually-oriented interests related to self-growth and healing,
including many artistic, and creative hobbies. My lifestyle includes a need to be in nature, bike
riding, walking/hiking, and living a health-oriented lifestyle, including learning/studying
functional nutrition, meditation, and alternative healing practices.

My interests in the world, people, and relationships led me to the field of psychology and
nutrition early in life, learning the connection between the health of one’s body and one’s mind
through self-awareness and education. I have utilized my spirituality as the primary compass in
moving forward in life toward health and healing, wanting for others the rewarding experiences
of transitioning through trauma to wholeness, first by understanding self, and being able to
acknowledging each of our unique individual journeys in the process.

Main Accomplishment: As a single mother, raising a well-adjusted, integrated son, who worked
his way through college and graduate school, discovering his life purpose. He is a resilient,
spiritual, strong, and loving young man with healthy boundaries, empathy, and compassion.