My Name is Robbie Jaegel, and I am a recent high school graduate pursuing an education in welding at Shasta College. I have been assistant coaching middle school basketball since 2019, and in 2022 started my first season of being a head coach and did another season at Bonny view Elementary School. I have a passion for making new relationships, whether that be with a stranger or great friends. I spent most of my life growing up outdoors and love fishing, rivers, and white-water rafting. I applied to become a behavior technician because my mom has been a behavior technician for a long time, and I always loved going to her classes and helping and connecting and creating relationships with students. One of my main accomplishments was certifying as a welder at Shasta College. I am starting my employment on 11/8/2023 as an ABA at the Dunamis Larkspur location.