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Meet the Team

Jill Shepherd Piercy Clark MA
CEO, LMFT #106007
Jill holds a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Simpson University, and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Jill incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in her work with clients and focuses on building a strong working relationship between herself and clients.  She developed the idea of a wellness center by combining 25 years of business knowledge in the health and fitness industry with her counseling degree.

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Dunamis Center was born out of the desire to merge the practice of mental health under a wellness umbrella.  Dunamis is unique, and presents a wide variety of services for clients all under one roof.  Our goal is to provide the highest possible level of care for our clients. The relationship between providers here at Dunamis is special, and provides continuity of care that you will only find here with us.

She is also trained for trauma work, and specializes in Neurofeedback.  Neurofeedback (NFB) heals the brain; Psychotherapy heals the mind.  Together, Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy can create lasting change and recovery.  Neurofeedback improves brain function so you can better engage in the psychotherapy process and make more conscious, healthy decisions for yourself.  Neurofeedback also stabilizes the brain to reduce anxiety and depression allowing for a better, and more lasting recovery from trauma, PTSD, eating disorders, and/or other addictions.  It will not solve all of your problems, but it can help stabilize your brain enough for you to do the recovery work necessary for lasting change.[/read]

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    Susan Rhyne, MA
    Clinical Director, LMFT # 98042
    Susan is a Marriage and Family Therapy Registered Intern specializing in children and adolescent, individual, and family therapy. Among her areas of expertise are working with children and families dealing with chronic illness and hospice issues, as well as depression, anxiety, and life adjustments.
      Julia Warner
      Massage Therapist
      Julia Warner has had the honor and privilege of ministering to women through Therapeutic Massage and prayer for the last 12 years. She specializes in Myofascial Release (John Barnes), Deep Tissue, Soft Tissue Release and Swedish massage. Julia also uses a combination of all of these modalities incorporating essentials oils and prayer.
        Karin Parilla - Anderson
        LMFT # 45398
        Working within a holistic, strength-based approach, Karin endeavors to create a non-judgmental, safe and nurturing atmosphere where growth and healing can begin.

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        Karin went to school at University of Phoenix where she received her MA in Counseling Psychology. She is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and specializes in working with children, individuals, family counseling/ anxiety, depression, stress and ADHD. She loves empowering parents with information that will help them develop or regain the joys of parenting and creating a harmonious family. Karin encourages and supports them, while they build skills to deal with personal issues effecting parenting, children’s challenges, and guides them toward the recognition that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ family.

          Rene' bairos
          LMFT # 85959
          René is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with a Master of Science degree in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy. Her warmth and compassion is evident from the first encounter. She enjoys working with individuals, couples, and families who need assistance with challenging stressors that can be overwhelming.

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          Rene’ has successfully helped clients work through challenges related to aging, substance abuse, relationship issues, and communication to name a few. Through individualized support, René is passionately committed to helping each client discover their internal strengths and the resources available to enable them to face each personal challenge. She provides skillful and compassionate support at each session and believes that the therapeutic setting is a safe way to facilitate healthy relationships and obtain personal growth. Rene’ offers convenient week-end and Saturday appointments are available to avoid disrupting the work week.

            Christina Bennett
            MFT Trainee
            Christina received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Psychology, from Park University and is currently a graduate student at National University in the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program. She has lived her life in service of others and has worked with a broad array of populations and cultures, initially for the military, then for Shasta County Health and Human Services where she worked for more than 13 years; with over 7 years experience as a Vocational Counselor.

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            Christina aims to provide a safe and comfortable environment in which to foster self-exploration and discovery. She seeks to build connections with clients that can promote understanding, growth, and changes based in reality, providing positive alternatives.

              Colleen Newbury
              MFT Trainee
              Colleen is a MFT Trainee currently attending Simpson University. She has lived in the Redding area for 20 years and enjoys the beauty and recreational opportunities that surround the community. Colleen’s passion is working together with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and trauma to mend the pain and begin living their most fulfilling, joyful life.  Her favorite quote is, “One day, someone is going to hug you so tight that all of the broken pieces fit back together.”
                Bruce Gregory
                AMFT # 99449
                Bruce Gregory graduated from Simpson University with a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology, and is a Marriage and Family Therapy Associate. Raised in the north state, he is drawn to nature and the beauty that surrounds him. Bruce loves working with families and couples, and has been trained in Triple P Level 4 and Level 5 Transition. He believes in helping families learn ways to optimize relationships for positive outcomes. Bruce also believes in using a person’s strengths for empowerment to effect the change they want to see.
                  Doug Phillips
                  Specialty Programs Director, LCSW # 11700
                  Doug is a husband, father and grandfather. His passion is to see his clients become free of painful emotions and hurtful habits that cripple or stunt their well being, and then achieve their goals and become their best self. His training as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker supports an inclusive view of the many factors that affect us and our own personal wellness. Doug uses a variety of treatment methods, depending on each client’s unique personality and circumstances. And his strengths are with adults and teens struggling with painful events and emotions, troubled relationships and problematic behaviors, such as alcohol and sexual addictions.
                    Christy Lane
                    Life Coach
                    Christy loves to help people express their passion, and see their dreams come to life. She has a tremendous desire to help people know their uniqueness and celebrate each step they take towards their God-given destiny. She has ministered to hundreds of hurting people who have experienced emotional, physical, and spiritual breakthrough. Christy has a desire helped people to know their true identity and fulfill their destiny.

                    Christy will help you tune into your heart’s desires and longings, as well as help you discover and eliminate obstacles to freedom and growth. Her coaching and pastoral counseling style is highly prophetic, along with offering practical goals and strategies to help you experience freedom through a closer connection with God.

                    She enjoys ocean beaches, long walks with her dog on a sunny day, and exploring new places.

                      Amanda Boles
                      Amanda has a passion for partnering with struggling people. Through her own life experiences and journey, she has found her drive to pursue this helping profession. She has followed that passion by completing a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. During her time in school, she has also volunteered with organizations that support at-risk youth through Equine Assisted Learning programs. Amanda completed an Equine Assisted Therapy training and received her certification October 2018. Amanda is looking forward, with great excitement, to what she can do within the community by combining her education in Counseling Psychology, her understanding of equine behavior and love for people, to affect significant life change and growth, facilitating discovery of meaning in peoples lives.
                        Charlotte Straub
                        AMFT # 68231
                        Charlotte is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern. She graduated from National
                        University in Redding, Ca. Her expertise is with Infants/Toddlers/School Aged K-8th
                        grades and Family Members. Charlotte specializes with young children and their caregivers, with Strength-Based, Play Therapy, Attachment-Based, CBT, as well as being EMDR trained. She also has experience working with Foster and Adopted Families.
                          Mark Newman
                          Massage Therapist
                          Mark moved from Kansas City to Redding almost 2 years ago, and has been a Massage Therapist for over 9.5 years. His specialties are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Prenatal massages. He loves seeing the immediate benefit of clients receiving help for sore muscles, nerve issues, or achy joints, as well as helping them sleep better from the massage.  Mark enjoys working with people of all ages, including the geriatric age range. He plans on massaging for most of his life, and believes God has called him to do this.
                            Leah Rodriguez
                            Neurofeedback Technician
                              Jessica Christian
                              Neurofeedback Technician
                                Robert Clark
                                COO, Neurofeedback Technician
                                  Jennifer Bettes
                                  Neurofeedback Technician

                                    Psychiatric & Med Management Staff

                                    Deborah Kass
                                    Deborah Kass has had a career in nursing spanning nearly two decades. Over 13 years as a Nurse Practitioner, Deborah has gained experience in a wide array of medical specialties including acute care, cardiovascular, oncology, and psychiatry. Nurse Practitioner positions have included the Branson Heart Center in Branson MO, the Gonda Vascular Center at UCLA, Cardio Vascular Consultants in Glendale CA,
                                    and the LIFE Program (for cancer patients of all ages) of the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, among others. Over the last four years, she has worked as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with a large geriatric behavioral provider in the US. During that time, Deborah has exclusively provided psychiatric services to residents of skilled nursing facilities.
                                    “When I was growing up, I was particularly close to my Grandfather who, unfortunately, later on, suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. He was misdiagnosed for many years, making it often difficult for his loved ones to show consistent compassion. Later, understanding the process helped me to provide him with the deserved care he needed which ultimately lead me to a specialty in Geriatric Psychiatry. I am so thrilled to have the ability to work with elderly patients in rural areas that don’t necessarily have direct access to psychiatric care. “
                                      Sultana Ikramullah, MD
                                      Dr. Ikramullah has been working with geriatric patients for over 20 years and has been providing both in-patient and out-patient psychiatric services for over 27 years. Among her experiences, she has served as Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Citrus Valley Medical Center. Along with her private practice, she also serves as Service Director for the Needs Assessment Department of Charter Behavioral Health Systems. She is now very excited to expand services with the opportunity to provide telehealth care to clients who are unable to travel and may not otherwise have access to care, noting that the most important advantage of telehealth is increased access to quality care. Dr. Ikramullah is a good listener with a kind, soft, and supportive nature. She also cares deeply

                                      Dr. Ikramullah is a good listener with a kind, soft, and supportive nature. She also cares deeply about the quality of care. Along with her interest in mental health care, she has had a lifetime interest in women’s health issues leading to her completing a residency in OBGYN.