Jonathan has 3.5 years of experience working with adults who have various developmental disabilities using Applied Behavior Analysis. The aim of his work is to improve one or more aspects of their lives. 

Jonathan’s hobbies range from hiking and tree work/removal to playing video games. Currently, he is interested in trying to plant bonsai trees, cooking, and teaching his daughter how to headbang. 

Jonathan has a deep desire to help people of all ages better themselves, learn new things, and offer them help when no one else will. His time as a job coach at Bravo has given him the determination to help people succeed. 

One of Jonathan’s personal highlights in the field of ABA is when he coached one of his clients for two years. The client was able to earn their independence, maintain a job outside of a day program, and even get married.

Jonathan is starting at Dunamis Wellness on November 8th, 2023, and he is excited to collaborate with his new team at the Larkspur Office.