Jenée Siems is currently working on her Master’s Degree for Professional Clinical Counseling at Liberty University, holds a BA in Psychology from Simpson University, and has training in brainspotting. Jenée is drawn towards working with people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. She lived in Central and South America for almost two years, working closely with Latin Americans. She also more recently lived in Asia, specifically Cambodia, for two years. She knows culture can play a huge factor in our stories, whether because of ethnicity or because of the family we were raised in.

With that, Jenée has an interest in working with clients to discover the sources of their distress and concern, while also pursuing growth and change for themselves. Helping to sort through what can often feel like chaos, Jenée desires to foster new hope and inspiration in life with clients. This can include cultivating good communication and understanding of how to pursue what clients want in life. In her free time, Jenée enjoys hiking, lake days, and spending time with friends and family. She is being supervised in her internship by Darcy Varnum, LMFT.