Group Therapy.

The thought of joining a group therapy sounds intimidating. Being in a room with strangers can make one feel overly anxious and vulnerable. I can only imagine all the thoughts you are flooded with just the mentioning of a group setting. Did you know that most people who join groups are nervous, intimidated, and maybe planning an escape route before they even arrive?  It is okay to feel that way. When we venture into something new, we are supposed to feel a degree of anxiety.

That is normal.

But how do we grow? We grow by challenging ourselves to do something new, something different, something scary.
Here at Dunamis, we recognize that just showing up is already a great accomplishment. Our group facilitators understand that trust and group development takes time to form. We are ready to walk this fragile path with you.

Here are 7 benefits of joining a group therapy.

1. Promote Hope: People come to a group to improve their lives. Each person in the group is at a different place in their emotional growth and can offer hope and inspiration to others by showing what they have learned and overcome.

2. Belonging: Many who begin group therapy may feel isolated and alone. Being part of a group can help people feel understood and have a sense of belonging. Wanting to belong is a human need. Group therapy can help people feel accepted and valued.

3. Informative: A big part of many therapy groups is increasing knowledge of a common problem. This helps members help themselves and others with the same or similar problems.

4. Altruism: The ability to help others in the group is a source of self-esteem and increases self-worth, especially in those that don’t think they have anything to offer others.

5. Improve Social Skills: Members offer feedback to each other about their behavior in ways that can improve relationships both in and outside of the group.

6. Develop Interpersonal Relationships: Being in a group can be an opportunity for members to work on their ability to relate to others and improve relationships.

7. Existential Factors: Groups can explore and process issues such as death, isolation, and meaninglessness and help them accept difficult realities.

– Leah Moua, LMFT

Dunamis Wellness is offering multiple groups with limited seating. Telehealth groups are also available.  Contact our office today, 530-338-0087, to get signed up!