At Dunamis Wellness, we believe that everyone should have the ability to receive mental health services—regardless of where they live, that’s why we now offer telehealth services. Although the demand for counseling and mental health services is on the rise, many patients live in areas with insufficient providers to meet the need. Or patients must be willing to travel long distances to receive care. Sadly, this leaves millions of people left to fend for themselves or their loved ones. And neglecting a mental illness can only lead to adverse effects—for the individual, their family, and the larger community.  

Telehealth Makes Mental Health Services Accessible to Everyone

Telehealth has steadily gained in popularity and acceptance as a highly effective and simple way to connect patients and providerswithout leaving home. Using telecommunication such as a computer, tablet, or even your cell phone, you can virtually meet with your provider and receive the treatment you deserve.    

With telehealth, you’re just a few clicks away from living your best life—a satisfying, meaningful, and healthy life. And Dunamis Wellness is excited to bridge the gap between patients and compassionate mental health professionals.   

Dunamis Wellness offering mental health, telehealth services.
We’ve always been here for you in person. Now we’re here for you virtually with telehealth.

Dunamis Wellness Now Offers Telehealth Services 

Telehealth allows you to “meet” with your mental health provider from the comfort and privacy of your own home, during your lunch break relaxing on a park bench, or even when you’re on vacation. Never miss an appointment due to bad weather, lack of childcare, or you can’t get the time off work. Continuity of care is critical to a successful treatment plan. And the ease and availability of meeting by telehealth is proving to be a real game-changer. 

Additionally, some people have put off getting treatment due to the stigma or fear associated with having a mental illness and needing professional help. They may worry that they’ll be recognized when going to an appointment or sitting in the waiting room. This fear and embarrassment can create more stress—which may only exacerbate their illness. 

At Dunamis Wellness, we understand how you feel. And we look forward to the day when mental health education will remove such barriers and everyone will receive the help they want and need. But until that time, we’ll do everything we can to make it easier for you. Telehealth is HIPAA-compliant—which means your treatment remains private and confidential.    

Our goal at Dunamis Wellness is simple: We want to provide the highest level of mental health services to all our patients in a comfortable, relaxed setting of your choice, at a time that is convenient for you. We want you to be well, live well, and make healthy decisions that will benefit your whole being. We’ve always been here for you in person. Now we’re here for you virtually with telehealth.

Our exceptional team is eager to answer any questions you have about setting up a videoconferencing face-to-face counseling appointment or how the telehealth platform works. We’ll explain what services are available via telehealth and if they are covered by insurance. We can assist you in choosing the right therapist or specialist for your specific needs. Whether a new or existing patient, you can now take advantage of the convenience of telehealth services from the comfort of home.