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Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

We're Here to Help

Dunamis provides outpatient drug and alcohol treatment to anyone in need of services. Whether you have been ordered by a court to seek evaluation and counseling or you are just ready to take a step toward getting the help you know you need, we are here and ready to help you.

Drug and alcohol abuse can be a sensitive issue and people experiencing drug or alcohol addiction problems often have a very difficult time admitting that they need help. However, statistics show that people from all professions, income levels, and backgrounds deal with addiction problems and that most of them go untreated until far too late.

We make the process of coming forward as painless as possible so that we can get to the business of working to heal and end your addiction before it causes any further damage to your health, your family, and your livelihood.

Dunamis treats all clients equally, discreetly, and respectfully when it comes to substance abuse and drug and alcohol addiction. Regardless of your background, your history, or your reputation, you can be assured that you will receive safe, effective, confidential, and compassionate treatment here.