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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Are You Looking for Cutting-Edge Behavioral Therapy Counseling to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing?
Are You Trying to Overcome a Mental Health Disorder through Mindfulness Training?
Have You Been Planning to Strengthen Your Distress Tolerance and Relationship Building Skills?

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a modern therapy model that will allow you to achieve all these goals and more. With the aim to fortify participants’ various aspects of self-identity and help them achieve self-acceptance, DBT uses validation as a tool to reinforce cooperative, positive behaviors in times when participants experience change. 

You can sign up to our dialectical behavior therapy counseling programs to learn these important behavioral techniques that will boost your resistance to many mental health, behavioral, and relationship-building problems.

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What is dialectical behavior therapy?

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a renewed form of the more traditional cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). DBT is focused on helping people become more mindful, learn to live in the moment, develop healthy coping behaviors during stressful incidents, and regulate emotions, among other things.

DBT was developed as a therapy model for various mental health disorders. However, with time, more applications were found for this method and it now works as a replacement of CBT in many cases.

Counseling Services for Dialectical Behavior Therapy

DBT is gaining momentum and the higher demand for new therapy models has made room for DBT to become more popular amongst therapists and patients. Many patients and individuals with mental health problems seek to learn and apply DBT as a self-improvement tool. Working with their therapist or counselor, these individuals apply DBT (for themselves or a loved one) to become more resilient against negative behaviors in times of change.

With DBT counseling and training, you can shift your negative view of the world and your surroundings into a positive one, viewing times of crisis as opportunities for growth. 

At Dunamis Wellness, we make sure our team is well-prepared for disturbance in DBT training, providing participants ample knowledge, behavioral improvements, and enhanced self-confidence.

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Key Components of Dialectical Behavior Therapy Counseling

When you sign up for our DBT counseling program, you will learn a number of new skills that give you resilience and empower you to stay strong during a crisis. In particular, your designated DBT counselor will work with you in the following areas:


Developing mindfulness enables you to live in the moment and make deliberate choices with the help of conscious thinking during painful or stressful experiences. 

Distress Tolerance

This is often considered a set of skills that are focused on self-acceptance and acceptance of the situation. DBT training includes learning strategies, such as distraction, self-soothing, and much more.

Relationship Building

In this domain, your DBT counselor will help you build sound relationship management techniques that will help you become assertive in your relationships and drive them towards success.

Services Offered at Dunamis Wellness Center

Dunamis Wellness Center offers a comprehensive set of mental and body wellness services in 3 state-of-the-art facilities. Our wellness and counseling services are offered in group settings as well as for individuals. We offer:



Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

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