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Behavioral Health Treatment Available in Redding, CA

You try to eat right, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Why? Because you understand the link between taking good care of your physical health and feeling your best. The same goes for your mental health. You’ll be better positioned... Read More

Sadie Fletcher ESTHETICIAN #136473

Sadie Fletcher is a graduate of the Shasta School fo Cosmetology, and is a licensed esthetician. Sadie has always had a passion for skincare and cosmetics. She strives to give her clients flawless skin and educate them on homecare between... Read More

Kayla Snead ABA Administrative Assistant

Kayla Snead is a graduate of Central Valley High School holding her High school diploma. Her main accomplishments are volunteering-coaching baseball. Kayla has established adequate care and patience during her 7 years as a caregiver and MedTech at Sierra Oaks... Read More

Janice Piercy Intake Specialist, Special Projects

My name is Janice Piercy. I have 5+ years of leadership and customer service experience. I have a love for community outreach and serving others. Mental health advocacy plays an important role in both my professional and personal life. Some... Read More

Mandy Chavez HR, Billing

Mandy Chavez graduated and received her certifications in Medical Billing and Office Administration from Institute of Technology on August 2018. She is currently working on getting her Associates Degree from Shasta College. She has recently started training on becoming a... Read More

Jessica Lundin Neurofeedback Technician

Jessi Lundin moved out to Redding, Ca. in 2012 from Colorado. Since she has been here, she has attended ministry school and obtained an AA in Business and a BA in Psychology. Her next step will be attaining her master’s... Read More

Myka Holden Neurofeedback Technician

Myka Holden is a neurofeedback technician at Dunamis Wellness. She is working towards her degree in psychology and is completing her AA transfer degree at Shasta College. She plans on continuing her education at Southern Oregon University after completing her... Read More

Jessica Christian Neurofeedback Technician

Jessica was Dunamis Wellness’ first Neurofeedback Technician. Since she started in 2018, she has offered a high level of care and service for our clients. She is incredibly grateful to work in a field that has brought about such noticeable... Read More