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Still Surroundings Group

Introducing the Still Surroundings group! Finding peace in the hustle and bustle of everyday life is extremely necessary for maintaining... Read More

Stress Management Group

Introducing the Stress Management group! Starting April 27, this group will... Read More

Coming Soon – Carmel, CA

We are so excited to announce that Dunamis Wellness is expanding our offices to Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA! We'll be offering...... Read More

Congratulations Becky Fisher, LCSW!

We are so proud of clinician Becky Fisher, LCSW, for receiving the “2022 Alumni of the Year for the North StateRural AmeriCorps Project at Pathways to Hope for Children” award this past Friday! Becky is one of our amazing counselors... Read More

Introducing LightStim

Introducing LightStim! LightStim works to promote better complexion and healthier skin! It’s also FDA Cleared and ISO Certified. The Spa @ Dunamis currently offers LightStim for Acne and LightStim ProPanel for Anti-Aging! Want to know more or schedule an appointment?... Read More

9 Dimensions of Wellness

At Dunamis Wellness, our goal is to create a healthier, more holistic way of life for clients by promoting, educating, and providing services related to the nine dimensions of wellness. ... Read More

Group Therapy Benefits

Group Therapy. The thought of joining a group therapy sounds intimidating. Being in a room with strangers can make one feel overly anxious and vulnerable. I can only imagine all the thoughts you are flooded with just the mentioning of... Read More

Parenting in a Pandemic

The rates of depression and anxiety have skyrocketed this past year due to fear and uncertainty. These rates not only are seen in adults, but also in teens and children. During a time of life when socialization is vital, our kids have... Read More

Do You Live Whole?

We all have experiences in our past that were unpleasant or difficult. These unfortunate events influence us and form us over the years, some in subtle ways, others in more significant measures. When we take time to observe, grieve, and forgive... Read More

Neurofeedback and Anxiety

We are training our staff in trauma treatment modalities such as EMDR and brain spotting. It is the way we combine treatment with our Neurofeedback practice which has the most impact in helping clients shift their emotional and physiological reactions to... Read More