Abigail “Andie” Worth is a Registered Behavioral Technician. She has more than two years of formal experience working with neurodivergent and behaviorally challenged children. One year of this was working in a school setting as both a paraprofessional and a one-on-one aid. The other year was spent as a registered behavioral technician in home and centered based therapy settings. Most of this experience was with children on the autism spectrum. On top of this, she has informal experience collaborating with special ed students in ASB and summer camp settings as a delegator.

Andie’s long term goals involve starting her academic journey to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst- hoping to earn their gen ed at Shasta Community College. One of her strengths is a strong pull towards gaining more knowledge. She also has an interest in meditation and mindfulness. Andie also enjoys spending time with her yellow lab Jasper, going on small hikes, weight lifting, cooking, and creating art. She also enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons.