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Patsy Shealy, PhD., LMFT

PhD., LMFT 22662

Dr. Shealy earned her doctorate in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA in 2003 and has practiced as a Marriage Family Therapist in California for 30 years.  Her Master’s degree is in Educational Psychology, Psychology, Guidance and Counseling from California State University Northridge, CA.  Taking a position as the Academic Program Director and Clinical Training Director for the Master’s in Counseling Psychology Program at Simpson University brought Dr. Shealy to Redding in 2014.  Dr. Shealy worked as the Women’s Program and Clinical Director for the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission’s Residential Drug and Alcohol treatment programs for six years.  Dr. Shealy clinically supervises University MA in Counseling Psychology trainees and BBS registered MFT and MSW interns.

In Private Practice Dr. Shealy sees adult clients, many of whom are addressing issues of childhood and adult trauma such as severe neglect, abandonment, sexual, physical, emotional, and psychological abuse at the hands of those who were to be trusted.  Sorting through and resolving the unhealthy yet initially effective coping behaviors (reenacting, substance abuse/addictions, behavioral with distorted cognitive addictions) is where the work begins.

Human beings thrive in environments of safety, warm acceptance, peacefulness, a sense of genuine worthiness and value, respectfulness, and patient understanding.  One of the greatest honors in my life is having the ongoing privilege of witnessing another human being’s life challenges, pains, joys, experiences, and ultimate press toward growth and change.  The therapeutic process works.  You don’t have to walk alone.

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