Level 1 Outpatient

Level 1 Outpatient

Outpatient Group Therapy

Clients recommended for Level I.O care will be referred to a group once a week for one and a half hours for a period of 12 weeks. Usually, the client being referred for care at this level has not had prior treatment services. In a group, the client will have an external support system that is conducive to or tolerant of the recovery process and will have sufficient coping strategies to abstain in a less structured program. The focus of this group is on reducing denial of the alcohol or other drug problem, increasing positive coping skills, which will assist with abstinence after discharge, and the avoidance of another alcohol or other drug related arrest or problem.

WHERE CAN I TAKE THE CLASS? You can take the class in person at 748 N. Market St. or by Telehealth

WHAT IS TELEHEALTH? TeleHealth is the HIPPA compliant version of Skype. You can attend class from you home using your phone or computer with our easy to use app.

HOW CAN I PAY FOR CLASS? We take Aetna, Medi-Cal and we're in process of contracting with Blue Cross Blue Sheild. We also take cash, check, debit cards and credit cards.